So what’s happened!!!?

Wow nearly 2 years on ! So sorry for not updating this site, life has been hectic, and, well like a tornado, spinning at 100mph !

Training has been going extremely well over the past 1 year and a bit, slowly increasing mileage and introducing harder longer reps. At the beginning of 2019 I had a very bad injury, it was on Father’s Day and on a family day out me and my step daughter was on a air pillow at a local play park, and sadly I fell wrong and my ankle went snap !!! I rolled straight off the air pillow to the floor, and I knew instantly there was something badly wrong, I felt sick, and in a lot of pain, couldn’t stand on my leg.

Thankfully the ankle wasn’t broken, tore muscles and tendons. Think it was 3-4 weeks before I was back into full training.

Training throughout the year was good, I even introduced more track work

Which has definitely helped my speed. Think was has surprised me throughout the year is the consistency of my rep splits.

Started the year about 45-50 miles a week and over time I managed to increase that to 61 miles per week.

Definitely been more disciplined in my recovery tho, as soon as I’ve finished my training especially efforts or long runs, I’m a firm believer in you had a 30min window to get nutrients into your body to aid recovery, so I’ll normally make myself a shake, get that into my body, then use my pulse massage gun , such a great piece of kit, works well for me, better than foam rolling.

But life isn’t that straight forward, especially now with 3 kids, think with my working hours has definitely helped me to train, I work 2-10pm so I have my mornings free to train,

I’ve kinda got myself into a nice routine with my training week, I switch from road to trails to track throughout the week. Monday’s I like to go off road and have an easy run onto some nice trails

I try and keep my effort reps either on the road or track, Tuesday I introduced a triple run day, where I did my efforts in the morning, get home recover, then an easy run to work, get changed there, then run home and that tends to be how I feel πŸ™‚ . Mid week long run, either road or trail. Thursday efforts, Friday long run day ( before lockdown) during lockdown, steady run. Saturday rest day, Sunday medium long run ( before lockdown) long run during lockdown. I have to work training around family life, which is a juggling act with 3 kids, but I do it….

COVID 19 …

Since the hole COVID 19 came to our country, it hasn’t effected my training so to speak, only when I contracted the virus! It came on so so quick, I felt so ill, the morning when I contracted it, I tried to get out to train, I just couldn’t, I felt dizzy, sick , thought I was gonna collapse, this was in my first mile. So had to walk home, and it was a long walk home to. Felt worse when I got home, throat was so sore, had to lie down couldn’t stand. So wife called 111, and the ambulance crew came out and confirmed and treat me for the virus, I had to self isolate for 7 days and the family for 14 days. Those were hard times, felt so ill for a week, but as soon as it came on, it went !!!!

Got back into training pretty quick and felt good.

Had a solid 4 months worth of training, mileage solid, reps consistently good, and generally feeling good about training and the way it was going.. even picked my first Marathon to do, which my coach found for me.

2 weeks ago sadly I suffered a minor stress fracture in my left foot 😦

Couldn’t walk very well on it. Think if my work didn’t send me home I probably wouldn’t have gone to A and E to get this checked out.

It came on on my 17 mile long run, and had company on this run to Holly Haywood came with me for the last 7 miles, and in the final ; miles my foot really hurt, but I kept going and made it back to the car, as soon as I stopped it really hurt and stiffened up.

So where am I now ?! I’m using my bike to keep my cardio going I’m averaging 15-17miles per day, longest ride is 20 miles.

It’s keeping me active, so can’t complain,

I’ve got good friends who keep me sane lol thank you Sophie Cowper lol πŸ˜‰ I miss running tho, hopefully be back into training very soon,

But I’ll keep you all posted, promise …….


Wow its nearly been 2 years since I’ve posted on here, but I’ve had quite a few ppl asking me for an update on my blog, so I’m now making the time and sat myself down to try and get updated !

Now sadly I can’t do detailed race reports because it’s been far to long and I’ve done quite few races in that time, but results I’ll post up….


Sept 30th West Pinchbeck 10k – 41:16

14th Oct Peterborough Half Marathon- 90:50


April 7th Lincoln 10k – 40:35

May 12th Lincolnshire County Champs 5000m 19:24 ( 4th position)

2nd June Hull 10k 40:26

8th September Saxilby 5k 19:10 PB !Just want to say a thank you to Holly Haywood who did a great job in racing with me and paced, Sadly got a terrible stitch about mile 2 so had back off the pace slightly, but it soon went and I pushed on to the finish…

First Pb in years !

22nd September West Pinchbeck 10k 40:13

27th October Leeds Abbey Dash 39:44 PB smashed and first time sub 40 mins

This day I remember so well, the first half of the race felt really tough, didn’t feel like I had it in me to go sub 40, but got half way splits and I was surprised to see I was on target, so I pushed on and latched onto the sub 40 pacer who did a fantastic job in keeping me motivated!

My coach Gary was so happy for me that, we worked so hard to get that moment, and I couldn’t have done it without him, Thank you .

Sadly later in the year we got told the course was measured short so resulted didn’t count, ! I was gutted..


8th March

British Masters Indoor Championship


First race of the year and first time racing 3k indoors, and got a PB of 10:44 .. The race was very tough, wow and it was so dry indoors to. Set off way to quickly and paid the price on the last 4 laps, died !!!

Races and end of season review..

Well last week saw the end of my track season which was at the Masters Grand Prix meet 2, I’ll review that race and the Grimsby 10k first before reviewing my season..

Grimsby 10k…

This was the first 10k race I’d done i a year, preparations went well, and I was feeling in very good shape 😊, the final week before the 10k was however very stressful, which was work related, sadly things aren’t going as well at work 😞, and I did miss a couple of days of training, but I didn’t dwell on this fact and had faith in the training I’d done. Race day was upon me and I got there nice and early

Did my warm up rituals, jogged the first couple of kilometres, the weather was good, the course was lovely and flat, going through the motions of pre race, strides , stretching. Felt very relaxed at the start and I made a decision to go with the sub 40min pacer , so position myself closed to him at the start, horn went and we were off !! Through 1 mile, 2 miles and I felt fine, pace was quick but I was handling it ok, but temperature started to increase and I found myself dropping off the pacer, coming up to the 5k mark I had to make a decision to back off the pace so I didn’t completely blow up and ruin the hole race. It was getting hot and I was grateful of the sponge stations

Pace was consistent though, and was picking people off who were stopping or slowing down due to conditions, the final stretch (2miles) on a duel carriageway I found myself in no mans land which was mentally tough, but I dug in kept going to the finish

And came through with a seasons best of 40:57, really happy with that, felt like I’m getting into shape ready to tackle some PB’s, which I haven’t challenged for 4 years now..

Master Grand Prix 5000m

This was gonna be my final track race of the season, the 5000m was on the cards, and the weather conditions on the day wasn’t the best😫😱 the wind down the home straight was awful! But there was about 10 of us on the start line of the race , and the starter was ready, gun sounded and we were off, I got myself into position and slotted into 5th place, but after 1 lap the pace was to slow so I move up to 4th and pushed forward, this is position I maintained throughout the race, that wind really did play it’s part, you nearly had to brace for the wind each lap, but the back stretch wasn’t any better, no wind, very dry heat, really strange conditions to run in 😯! I was coming to the Bell and I was hearing someone behind me, coming round the first bend and a guy over took me and someone else was right behind me, i followed the guy who over took me and kicked with him , last 100m and he push one again, i followed but just couldn’t close that gap, he beat me by 1 sec ! But I did finish with another SB, and a 5th place, time was 19:59.

The day and event was excellent, very well organised and great showing of Masters Athletics!

Above is a pic with Tj Ossgai event organiser and double world master champion..

A season in review…

So that’s a wrap for this track year, this week has been purely relaxation, training wise that is. Week on week and month on month I’ve been steady increasing my mileage, carefully not to risk injury, so far so good, no injury’s to report 😊 I’ve reintroduced double run days into my training schedule, but I tend to do my second run of the day on the treadmill, just to save the pounding on my joints, seems to working and I’m getting the mileage in. I’m back up to 55miles a week again and feeling more healthy on it, less fatigued than the last time I tried this. The solid base is getting built and improvements are coming πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ» back into training this week, easing myself back into things again πŸ˜‰

I’m booked in for 2 more races Pinchbeck 10k , hopefully I’ll be able to tackle this pb at last. And Peterborough Half Marathon, that’s another pb I want to drop ! That sub 1:30 could be on the cards πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š

A special thank you does go out to my coach Gary Warhurst, if it wasn’t for him I don’t think I would be doing this, he offers me support , training and race tactics and most of all he believes in me..

Here’s to the rest of the year, road and XC awaits 😊

Mind games and progression

It’s Monday the 9th of July , so it’s been 8 weeks since I’ve updated you all. So what’s happened since the County Champs back in May? First off the County’s went well as to be expected, I did finish last but I was expecting that, but the time was were I thought I was at this stage in training (20.23) but I felt strong coming through the race. After this I had planned a good solid block of training of 5 weeks before my next race, mileage was around the 40-45 miles mark in this period, with a good mixture of easy long runs, which had a twist in them sometimes like negative splits, where I’d try and run the second half of the run quicker than the first. A mixture of grass and track sessions, gotta admit I do like doing grass reps on my local park early on a Sunday morning, nice and quiet ( apart from the odd dog walker ) πŸ˜†

The weather was definitely improving from my last blog, warming up nicely, but this was proving to be a bit of a challenge, over the last few weeks the heat has been quite intense. But before going into that, my preparation for my next race , the Masters Grand Prix and I was racing the 3000m , I was definitely feeling sharp in training and couldn’t wait to race. Had an email a few days before the race to tell us to make sure we wore our GB Masters kit to show case Masters Athletics, awesome πŸ‘πŸ»

My race was first on the track , and during warm up I noticed the wind was picking up around the first bend up to the 300m mark, luckily tho didn’t notice this while racing. The race was off and I quickly got to race pace and settled myself down into 4 th place, the 3 guys in front picked up the pace and I did try and go with it but didn’t have the pace in my legs , so found myself in no mans lands and working the last laps on my own. Did finish in 4th in a time of 11:32.

Always a privilege to put on the GB Masters vest .

Now when I mentioned about the heat early , temperatures soon rose , I was training in heats of 24-27 degrees πŸ˜“ , we can’t complain, but in this heat it sure does play mind games when training!! God there has been many a time over these past 2 weeks I wanted to just not train , and even when training I started questioning, what was I doing this for!? I should stop! Etc etc, now at first I just got on with it , training was going well and I was hitting target paces, so i pushed trough. I got selected to run the Masters Inter Area Champs for the Eastern Masters. In this period I should mention that I had the builders round the house, work was stressful and I found out that was gonna become a dad again 😊😊😁, in the final few days building up to the race, things were getting on top of me, training was becoming hard work, many through pressure building up, but again times and pacing was telling me different πŸ€” but 2 days before the race I had to pull out, I felt so stressed out , the heat was becoming unbearable to train in, I had to make a decision about the race, I called my coach Gary , I needed some to vent to, had to explain how I felt and how things were getting to me, it left me feeling very with drawn and having no desire to race at all. So I pulled out, which I know was the right decision. Saturday morning came along and I thought it’d be fun to do a Parkrun, no pressure, and I could run as fast as I wanted to. And used it as part of my 10k training, Grimsby 10k in 2 weeks πŸ‘πŸ» hopefully a good performance will be due..

Training, and life πŸ˜Š

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but not forgotten about updating my blog, more the case of finding time 😊

Where to start πŸ€”, well since I last posted I’ve trained in opposite ends of the weather spectrum, the beast from the east came and tried to bring me down, but failed πŸ˜‰ it was so cold tho, got down to about -8 degrees ❄️ but with appropriate clothing you just get on with it, but I did get a lot of funny looks running in blizzard conditions πŸ˜†πŸ˜† but had to be done tho. Think one old dear actually called me crazy πŸ˜†. Temperatures did start to increase and this cold snap went within a couple of weeks or so. This was approaching me first 10k in over a year and my first distance come back race, I didn’t put pressure on myself and had the mine set of going out to enjoy it, and coach Gary always gives good advice pre race, and this time I listened πŸ˜‚ . I choose to start the race mid pack, and away from the front, eased my way in the race and made sure I was picking people off each mile, picture above is the final 400m or so of the race. The course was very flat and pb potential, I knew I’m not in pb shape just yet, but that wasn’t my goal, my goal was to enjoy the race, race strong and a confidence booster, which I ticked off all those items βœ…, think it was the most consistent 10k i ran ever , pacing was spot on to what I had pre planned, finished off with a time of 42min and position of 42nd out of 300ish.. above pictures, debut in Rotherham vest and with Ruth Jones Of Nene Valley, she is also coached by Gary Warhurst πŸ‘πŸ»

The next day was holiday time, 2 weeks in the sunshine state of Pensacola Florida, on the beautiful coast of Mexico.

Visiting family over there and with the temperature most days at 26degress, wasn’t going to let the opportunity go for training runs 😊, it felt so nice to have the beautiful β˜€οΈ on your back while running

Ran through some lovely sections of Pensacola, and trying to stay safe πŸ˜‰ the people where very polite tho. Had to make sure I stayed in shape due to having the BMAF road relays the week after I got back home. The course I regularly took was quite undulating so that took me by surprise. Making sure I stayed hydrated was key, especially in that heat, don’t get me wrong we definitely enjoyed ourselves with tasting all kinds of foods, but trying to stay healthy as possible. Think what took me by surprise was that you rarely saw anyone walking 😳 and I mean never lol πŸ˜† . The beaches where amazing tho, white sands and crystal clear water, which where sooooo warm this was definitely a highlight of the trip, having this quite time. Don’t think we had many days in the tourist parts πŸ€” even the beach was so quiet. Kids definitely loved the beach days, πŸ‘πŸ»Can’t wait to go back one day, loved it.

On the return home, got straight back into training, built slowly for the first week, having no niggles or problems with mileage is a nice bonus at the moment, steady increasing each week and making sure my body adjusts correctly.

But as a family Man I train when it fits round life, one weekend I needed to do so 1 min reps, so i found a quiet country lane, my boy wanted to come with me, so we took some snacks to keep him occupied πŸ˜†, then I warmed up and cracked on, but making sure I was running past the car all the time . Just one example of how I squeeze things in πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰

Anyways, the weekend was approaching and The Masters road relays was up next, I was on the 5th leg for team Rotherham, i jogged the course , which was pretty challenging ( the course was Sutton Park Birmingham) , my coach Gary and Sophie made a surprise visit to cheer me on, so grateful for this, makes a difference if you have some one cheering you on, making sure I warmed up correctly and seeing my partner come through the line was very important.

So I was off

The route was 5k, and I made sure I was working hard all the way round, importantly didn’t shoot off like a crazy fool at the start, cause in the first mile was a very steep hill, so making sure I had enough to push over it and continue through. Mid way round I got a pain in my right of the ribs, more of a tightening, but just trying to breath through it. Seeing the ice cream van I knew I was on the way back, and I was pretty much down hill. I got passed by 2 other individuals from other teams, but trying hard to work all way to the line. Hearing Sophie and Gary out on course really helped, thanks guys😊 knew I was close to finish seeing the club stands, rallying myself for one last push

(Above photos courtesy of Sophie Cowper)

I crossed the line and part was done, M35 men finished in 19th position, and I knew I gave it everything.

So back into training this time preparation for the county championship (5000)

I’ll let youknow how it goes 😊😊😊

Useful links

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Charlotte graduated from Coventry University with an Upper Second Class Honours Degree in Sports Therapy. Having experienced working with Leicester Lions Rugby Football Club during the 2014/15 Rugby season and working within private practices seeing a wide variety of injuries: occupational, recreational and sporting.

From Sprinting to Ultra running, from footwear to Clothing, these guys will have everything you need .


Rain , rain and more rain, soaking kit, sodden trainers ! Here’s looking forward to spring. On a plus note training is gong very well, enjoying discovery new routes and discovering little side streets off old routes is pretty cool to

Managed a 33 mile week last week, slowly building up the miles and definitely learning from previous ventures πŸ˜†,

Think I’m surprising myself, had a couple of decent runs last week, didn’t think I’d be touching low 7min miles just yet on a steady run, but seems to be coming back to me nicely. But making sure I’m recovering better as well, like stretching in the evenings, and keeping hydrated. I also managed to get in a full body massage on my rest day , felt sooo much better afterwards, Big thank you to Charlotte Munson at Injury solutions clinic in Ruskington, fantastic treatment and sorted out tightness πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ».

My easy runs are just that , easy, time on my feet. 10miles was my long run this weekend, not hit double figures for a run in over a year. It went great , no problems, pace was consistent. Normally keep my interval sessions on a Sunday morning on my local park

Lovely and quiet first thing. My boy comes with me on this session, he loves walking on the fields and being out on the park, he’s 16 and has autism, he’s a great lad.

This Sunday was quite tough, 10x2min off 2mins, trying to cover as much ground as I can over the 2min was challenging, ground was pretty soft with the amount of rain we’ve been having, but great for leg strength tho πŸ‘πŸ»

Still contemplating my first race back, I’ve always got park run as a good 5k tester. Got some races in mind what I’d like to do this year, my times ain’t gonna be where I’d like but , it’s a building year and going out and enjoying a few races and just getting back out there. And I’ll be ready to compete Β for my new club on the 1st of March 😁 exciting stuff πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»

Kicked off the new week with a gym session this morning, with my P.T, ( Lee Drury) love his sessions he sets out . Squats, (weighted) jump pull ups from a squat position, sled push, and leg curl. Finishing off today with a 4miles easy run

Again in the rain β˜”οΈ , but did come home to a nice Chinese meal πŸ‘πŸ»awesome 😁😊

A change will do you good ?

Well this is what they say ! Have to say I agree, loving my transition period from the 400m back to distance running. The freedom I get from just going out for a run is great. Discovering my old routes and new ones 😊 but have to say though, sick of winter now, cold every time I lace up my shoes β„οΈπŸ™„ but not letting that put me off , getting it done no matter what 😁.

Having more a sensible build up this time, slowly building up mileage, but still getting some speed sessions in every week. A lot of those reps ie my 800m, 400m, and 200m sessions are done on grass, more kidder to the joints 😊. Listening to your body is key, so I am stretching more , and foam rolling more, trying to keep as lose as possible. Came down with a virus this week, felt awful on the Thursday, so switched my rest day from Friday to Thursday, normally I would run through it if it was just all in my head, but body was aching all over. It was a good call though, Fridays session was good, and I had time to get over this virus, also managed an early night ( which is rare πŸ˜†)Β E5A7FCBD-7A0A-45EE-B016-E990E5156FEE

As many family athletes would testify to, fitting training around there lives can be challenging. With building my long runs up slowly, I’m dropping my son off at his sports club, and getting my run done, just in time for him to finish. Having a protein shake in my bag ready for me when I’m done, and make sure I keep hydrated through out the day.

Race wise haven’t focused on a single race yet, just wanna make sure I get a good base built up. Think I will know when I’m race fit. But I can easily test my fitness over a parkrun if I fancy it . I do have a sort of plan lol , I would like to complete a marathon in autumn 2019(before I’m 40) but a base mark down, then in 2020 I would love to go and do a Masters Championship marathon either the Worlds or Europeans. Β But have to say seeing friends racing and getting great times does inspire me, and I do hope I can get myself back into the shape I was, maybe even better , who knows. A friend of mine Sophie Cowper ran this weekend in Spain πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΈΒ representing England athletesΒ Β over the Half Marathon distance, came third with a time of 1:16, I mean if that’s not a inspiration, what is, simply amazing, she’s a prime example of hard work paying offπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Life is full of surprises!

Well only the 3rd week into the new year and already a massive change of direction for my athletics! Changing coaching, clubs, and discipline. I feel excited about the journey I’m about to go on, and a little scared I have to admit. If I don’t do this now , I don’t think I’ll ever will. I’ve spent the last 6 years at Lincoln, I feel I need to re -fresh my athletics. Not yet decided on club and coaching, but in no hurry, I’m enjoying the freedom at the moment , but still keeping my eyes set on goals.

The sprinting I just felt not good enough, not being able to complete at the level I wanted to, it was hard to admit to myself, that I wouldn’t be able to compete with the big boys , 😊.

Moving up again to middle to long distance again, and doing it right this time, not over training and racking up silly mileage to soon are mistakes I’ve learned from. Going down this route opens up windows to do different Champs in the Masters from the mile , 5k,10k , 10m, XC. With a long term go of having a good crack at the marathon! Marathon I will be coming for you !

I think as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned that Sports and especially running in my eyes, isn’t the end of the world if things don’t go your way. Early years of my running life , it is what I lived for, and if I got injured or not hit specific goals , it would get me down. Nowadays , I don’t let it get to me, don’t get me wrong I still train hard, but if things are quite working out, I’ll ask myself why, maybe Change it up, and let’s face it, tomorrow’s another day 😊 My family, my Wife and Children are my world 🌍. Now doing training, and full time job, and child with autism, gets tricky but doable πŸ‘πŸ» you just plan.

Training on my new journey so far has been enjoyable. Building slowly , but I will keep you informed 😊

First Race of 2018


Ok 2018 hasn’t got Of to a great start ( race wise), I was in Sheffield at the EIS on Saturday for the Northern Champs. I had the 400m to contend with. Now I knew I wasn’t going through to the semis , so had to focus on my heat and a good performance. Getting there an 1 hour and a half before my race left me time to warm up and chill out for a bit before the call up. During the warm up I felt fine, pretty sharp I thought! Leaving the block practice until last , just so I’ve got that feeling fresh in my mine. Call up came and I got put into my heat, I was hoping to get put into the heat with the other Master I knew, Kevin Pie, but was not to be, and I was stuck in with the young wiper snappers πŸ˜†. Felt relaxed, no pressure on me. The heat got called up, we were on next, got chatting to the official lady for a while, ( a Masters lady ) she smiled and got taking to me about her place in the London Marathon this year, she said β€œ you’ve got the build for a marathon, surprised your not a distance runner ! I smiled and said β€œ I was β€œ 😊

Onto the Track I went, set my blocks up, had 1 practice start, felt good, so I’m ready… Starter calls for it, gun goes , and we’re off ! Good out of the blocks, powering round the first 2 corners, but at the back coming to the break on the home straight, tucked into lane 1 and with 1 lap to go on my own and trying to keep strong round the last 2 bends. Last turn and I’ve got the home straight to myself πŸ™„. Crossed to line in 61.84,☹️ Gutted. Thinking I was in better shape, but what’s happened has happened.

Hopfully things will get better 😊


New year, New site, 1st blog πŸ˜Š

Well it’s 2018 and I’m sure this year is gonna be full of challenges, but 1st I’m tell you a little about myself , and how I got into athletics .

As a school boy I always loved running, loved the freedom of just running fast ! I was one of those kids who loved sports days especially when it came to the running events πŸ‘ I often ran the 100m and often won πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š . I used to love hear people cheering my name, it felt great.

Life changed when I left school tho, I gave up athletics and got a job as a printer and started a family. Had a little boy ( Ben) who has autism , which has its own challenges , but love him to bits.

I did however make a return to running back in 2009, just to get myself back into shape. Β It was hard at first, running a mile was a task in its self, but ever so slowly gained my fitness back and starting running on more a regular bases, 3-4 times a week. As time went on Millage creeped up and started getting more competitive, I decided to join a running club ( Sleaford Striders ) meet some fantastic people and started training for my first Half Marathon , the Sleaford Half 2011, I had a time in mind ( sub 2 hours ) . Training went very well and I even convinced 2 work colleagues to do the race to. Race day arrived and I had one of my fellow Striders to pace the race for me ( Terry Grant ) he did an amazing job, encouraged me all the way, giving me kicks up the backside when I needed it. I was on course for the time I wanted up till mile 10ish , I remember that hill , cardiac hill it was called, that just zapped my energy , had to really rally myself, Terry gave me a lot of encouragement at this point. I remember seeing that finish line and coming onto the grass section, I was working so hard at this point giving everything I’ve got, and crossed the line in 2hrs an 2min. Gutted, so close , but I knew I gave it everything . But I did let that put me off, the same year I entered my 2nd Half and smashed my PB 1h 53min in Newark.


Piture above taken at my first 10mile road race ( Heckington Show 10)

In 2012 I ran a few more races for Sleaford before changing clubs.




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Above you’ll see the Sheffield Half, this race i loved, it’s one that sticks out in my mind , the atmos was awesome and I got to finish in Don Valley stadium , it was amazing. Also you’ll see the Sleaford Half , Lincoln 10k, and Woodhall Spa 10k.

A new challenge came that year with joining Lincoln Wellington , I knew my training was going to get taken up a notch. I got coached by Gary Warhurst , who played a Hugh part in my development over the next few years. New training group and new friends made 😊 In this group I met Sophie Cowper who really inspired me, her grit and determination was amazing, oh and she was quick, but I used to let her beat me on a few occasions lol πŸ˜†πŸ˜† ( who am I kidding ) Β nah, couldn’t get nowhere near her, but I knew she would be going places, and she has, she’s now mixing it up with the best of them. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»



You’ll see above a few random shots of my 1st and 2nd seasons in a Lincoln vest, road and XC. I actually enjoyed my 1st season of XC, suppose can’t know what to expect.. Training was going great tho and progress was there. Gary had faith in me and that helped πŸ‘ Suppose what I lacked was self believe , never was a confident person, but i knew how to give things 100% and always worked so hard in trading and races.

Ok well that’s a little bit more about me, I’ll dive into my sprinting times in my next blog, and pick up where i left off her about my distance time, and trying to take on the marathon, and more XC.

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